Stretch Films

Stretch Films

Stretch Films is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items to keep them in place. Stretch Films is also used in shipping pallets to keep products locked in. They are often used in eCommerce businesses that often ship products.

Types Of Stretch Films:
  • Cast Stretch
  • Blown Stretch
  • Hand Stretch Roll
  • Machine Stretch Film
  • Pre-Stretch Film
  • Pre Stretch Film is strong, consistent and is environment friendly.
  • Colour Stretch
  • Colour Stretch Films are ideal for international shipments and color coding. They are also puncture resistant.


Cast Stretch Film

Cast Stretch Film is made by feeding a sheet of heated resin along a rolling path with chilled rollers.  The cooling solidifies the film and it is made into large rolls. It is more commonly used stretch film and it is cheaper to produce.  Cast stretch also stretches easily.


* Resist tears and punctures
* Quietly unwinds
* Cast stretch film is an industry leader as a general purpose wrap. It represents 70%-80% of stretch film manufacturing.
* Has clarity to see wrapped products
* Flexible in application, less force to stretch
* Smooth unwinds and consistent for tighter and better wrap

Blown Stretch Film

Blown Stretch film is made by using the blown extrusion process. This plastic melt is inserted through an annular slit die, usually vertically, to form a thin-walled tube. Air is introduced from an opening in the center of the die to blow up the film tube like a balloon.


* Very had to tear, even for sharp edged products
* Has extremely high load holding capacity
* Ideal for shorter loads and irregular cartons

Difference between Cast stretch film and Blown stretch film

  • Blown Stretch Film
  • High load capacity
  • Higher tear resistance for loads with sharp edges
  • Noisy unwind
  • Higher stretch capacity once stretched for better secured loads
  • Hazy and dull due to crystallization in manufacturing process
  • Cast Stretch Film
  • More consistency and flexibility
  • Cleaner and shinier on a load to see wrapped products better
  • Less expensive due to less manufacturing process costs
  • Higher level of "Cling" ( how the film sticks to itself)
  • Quieter unwind

Manual or Hand Stretch Film

Manual stretch film is used to secure loads for shipping and storage by hand. Due to its flexibility and firmness it is designed to improve stability and decrease the risk of the product damage. The advantage of using manual stretch film is it can be easily applied by hand when the weight of the product is less.

Technical Specification
Production in every Thickness or size is possible.

Hand Type 15-35 micron 10-50 cm 100-300 mt

Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film is designed to work with various packing machines. It helps to secure pallets in transit for all types of goods. Machine Stretch Film can protect all kinds of fragile products, holding them in place during shipping. Due to its lower power consumption it has made it the best alternative in packaging industry.

Technical Specification
Production in every Thickness or Size is possible.

Machine 15-35 micron 10-150 cm 500-3000 mt

Silage Stretch Film

Silage Stretch Films are mostly used to preserve silage, hey and corn. Farmers use silage wrap to contain the loose particles and keep them in an airtight wrap. Silage film is used to protect silage from rain, hail and insects. It also prevents the spread of bacteria.


1- Improves feed quality
2- Cost effective and easy to store
3- Ensure anaerobic fermentation in the silage wrap
4- Harmless and odorless
5- Longer shelf Life


Silage 25 micron 25-50-75 cm 1500-1800 mt

Benefits of a Stretch Film

  • Product protection
  • Reduced products damage
  • Recyclable
  • Improved handling efficiencies

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