Oxidized polyethylene wax

Oxidized polyethylene wax

oxidized polyethylene waxes with different density and acid number.

How made

Oxidized polyethylene wax is a polar reaction product resin produced by mild air oxidation of polyethylene so that it produces a minimum average molecular weight of 1,200 as determined by high temperature vapor pressure.

Chemical Characteristic

Low adhesive, high softening point and good hardness with stable chemical characteristics of good heat stability, good dispersion performance, no poison, no frost and mucous membrane; as an ideal interior & exterior lubricant.


Oxidized polyethylene waxes contain functional groups (acid and Ester groups) causing improved compatibility with the PVC melt .in the extrusion process these waxs provide efficient external lubrication that help to maintain premium physical and aesthetic properties under high shear operating conditions. Thanks to their polar group these waxes have an affinity to metal surface providing external release.


-Used in many products, such as PVC compound, PVC profile, PVC pipe, PVC cable filler, TPE processing aids, hot melt adhesives, and PVC sheet.

-Act as the lubricant, cost-saving agent and release agent in the course of extruding, calendaring, injecting, blowing molding of PE, PP and other plastic.

-Applied in the field of hot melt road marking material.


25kg bag

Storage and Transportation

Stored and delivered as non-hazardous product

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