Emulsion Wax

Emulsion Wax

Wax emulsions and dispersions are formulated additives made of fine and stabilized wax particles, homogeneously distributed in water. Being in the liquid form, they are easily incorporated into coatings and inks formulations by simple mixing.

Their very fine particle size ensures thorough, homogeneous incorporation with other ingredients of the formulation, maximizing the required effects.

Wax emulsions can be stabilized by either non-ionic emulsifiers (steric mechanism) or by ionic emulsifiers, most often anionic (electrostatic mechanism). Combining anionic and non-ionic emulsifiers provides the emulsion the optimum stability because wax particles are protected through both stabilization mechanisms.

In addition, each stabilization mechanism not only has its own advantages and limitations but also significantly impacts the overall formulation giving added flexibility in formulating.


  • Composite Wood
  • Parquets and laminates
  • Fruit and vegetable coating
  • Paper/paperboard that comes into contact with aqueous
  • Cellophane for food packaging
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Food packaging adhesives
  • Food packaging pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Food contact coatings

Packing and Storage and Transportation


4 lit, Drum

Storage and Transportation

Stored and delivered as non-hazardous product.

As there are many grades and types available from PITARIS, please inquire so that one of our knowledgeable representatives can assist you in locating the correct grade that matches your requirements.

Please send an inquiry form or email for data sheets and more information.

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