Polyolefin POF

What is POF?

Polyolefin is actually a group of hydrocarbons, i.e. compounds containing hydrogen [H] and carbon [C] atoms. It is often derived from natural gas or from low-molecular-weight constituents of petroleum.

As a thermoplastic, the polyolefin is popular because it is extremely easy to mold, shape and can be reshaped over and over again simply by repeating the heating, molding and cooling process. POF also has several other good qualities which makes it safer than PVC.

There are two main types of POF – polyethylene and polypropylene. These are further subdivided into several grades for different applications.

What is POF shrink film used for?
Polyolefin shrink film is used for almost every kind of application. It is used to package and protect a single product, or to bundle multiple products together.

It is particularly favored for packaging less rigid items such as foodstuff, stationery, cards and electronic items, just to name a few.

Qualities of POF shrink film The following are the extensive qualities that make POF shrink film a popular packaging material worldwide:

  • Anti-fog
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Seal-strength
  • Fairly low-cost
  • Tear-resistance
  • Low shrink force
  • Puncture-resistance
  • Wide range of gauges
  • Excellent tensile-strength
  • Can be pre-perforated – no air pockets
  • Can be made from 100% recyclable material
  • Clarity and glossiness – makes for excellent shelf appearance
  • Stable – not as affected by temperature changes compared with PVC
  • FDA-approved food-safe material – suitable for the Food & Beverage industry
  • Ability to shrink quickly and completely – shrinks when heated resulting in a finished good as soon as it comes out of the shrink tunnel)
  • Polyolefin is also available with different characteristics, including cross-linked wrap which provides high-tensile strength and incredible clarity for high-speed packaging applications, as well as prevents buildup on sealing components of your packaging machinery.

As POF shrink film easily bends to low temperatures, it does not deform, bend or collapse thin, flimsy or delicate products. This quality also provides excellent protection for irregular-shaped items.

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